Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress

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This gift includes:

1x Oyster Bay Pinot Gris 750ml
1x Rosenborg Brie 125g
1x Basil & live Oil Crackers 100g
1x Cranberry & White Chocolate Brownie 80g
1x French Vanilla Almonds 50g
1x Bennetto Chocolate Mint with Cacao Nibs 100g
1x Pipers Crisps Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt 40g
1x Black and Silver Box with Ribbons
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$102.35 (Inc. GST)
$89.00 (Ex. GST)
Does not contain alcohol
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This product ships in a protective outer carton

This is for those fabulous people who can walk in high heels (like the royals) across the lush lawns of a garden party without the teensiest wobble. And who have never knowingly missed an air kiss. Or whose shirts were ironed with an energy and passion that would make a flamenco dancer look half-hearted.

It’s anchored by the Oyster Bay Pinot Gris has been described by one reviewer as ending on a “note of lime and lemon zest and springtime energy“.

We could’ve stopped there, but that’s simply not in our nature.

So, we’ve included delectable matching snacks like the so-stylish-they’re-almost 2025 mint and cocoa nibs, basil and extra virgin oil crackers, French vanilla almond nuts, creamy brie, and cranberry and white chocolate fudge brownies.

Give it to someone you wish you were.

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