For The Stars

For The Stars

For The Stars

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This gift includes:

1 x Sparkling Wine or Champagne of your Choice
8x Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles
8x Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles
1x Silver Nickel Champagne Bucket
1x Red Double Bow Design
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$125.35 (Inc. GST)
$109.00 (Ex. GST)
Does not contain alcohol
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This product ships in a protective outer carton

There’s little to make someone more spine-tingled and weak-at-the-knees than a bottle of sparkling wine. In an ice bucket. With a bow. That’s destined for them.

It conjures up images of cameras and lights playing over prestigious national sporting honours dinners. A global peace prize. Or the big industry do’s.

OK. Cancel the daydream. Let’s get back to the gift.

It’s Sparkling delight, with chocolates, an ice bucket and a red bow. Perfect.

Forget the applause, the hand-shaking, back-slapping, the “I’d like to thank..umm..”, speech, and the teary-eyed parents.

This is real star quality. And so is the person receiving it.

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