Oh, I Say!

Oh I Say

Oh, I Say!

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This gift includes:

1x Walnut Oat Crackers 150g
1x Finns Fudge Assorted Fudge Pack 130g
1x Lemon, Lime and Bitters Syrup 750mL
1x Lindt Boxed White Chocolate 100g
1x Mixed Fruit Candy 100g
1x Marooned Pistachios 100g
1x Cashews Chipotle Chilli Lime 50g
1x Pipers Crisps Cheddar and Onion 40g
1x Pipers Crisps Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt 40g
1x Providence Apricot Confit
1x Rosenborg Brie 125g
1x Salty Caramel Popcorn 40g
1x White Rectangle Tray
1x Red & Green Double Bow Design
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
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Does not contain alcohol
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This is proper “Forty-Year-Olds Go Wild in A Park” sort of stuff.

It’s what someone in a gingham apron might’ve packed when some rather grown-up children decided to really cut loose and take in some spontaneous bird watching or catch a game of touch football on the local green.

The lemon lime and bitters! The cheddar and onion crisps! The Brie and fruit paté! The exclamation marks!

We find it splendid in all the right ways. Back when “splendid” meant: “I say!” or, “Stunning shot, what?” (pheasant or cricket ball – take your pick). Or perhaps – thoughtfully – “My dear, old thing.” Which was talking about a person and not a teddy bear somewhat worn in patches.

Comforting? Nostalgic? Absolutely.

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