Sensory Overload

Sensory  Overload

Sensory Overload

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This gift includes:

1x Devonport Dark Chocolate Spoons
6x Finns Fudge Chocolate Fudge Pieces
1x Devonport Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Mix, Classic
1x Cappuccino Shortbread Box 150g
1x Ginger Almond and Brazil Nut Biscotti 125g
1x Chocolate Brownie
3x Nescafe Coffee Sachets
1x Brown and Gold Double Bow Design
1x Black Presentation Gift Box
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$65.00 + GST
Does not contain alcohol
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This product ships in a protective outer carton

This is totally energising, and indulgent.

The person who opens it will reel back with pleasure from the sheer smell (and sight) of the unequivocal chocolate-y, coffee-laced splendour. Then take a moment to compose themselves. Or ring a friend. Have some coffee. Then realise they don’t want to share this and abruptly hang up. (A curse on caller ID!)

It’s not for a mild kind of muttered “thanks”. It’s more of a shouted: “We can’t believe you did that! We’ll never see your like again in this lifetime!”

Shyness has no part in a “thanks” where even the teaspoons are chocolate. And the shortbread is cappuccino-flavoured.

Wake up! And get into it! 

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