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Forget them toying with a trifling bit of ribbon. Or even cutting through a gazillion layers of tape. (Anyone can do that.)

This present provides an entry challenge worthy of a seasoned safe-cracker though maybe without the same finesse.

Thoughtfully, we’ve included a hammer. And protective eyewear. (We are a safety conscious company…)

So, if you have someone who’s hard to buy for this is definitely the solution. They’ll have to work for it. (No gym that day, or for the next week, we reckon.) But when they eventually shatter the brick, amongst thunderous applause – which is part of the fun – they’ll find a very rewarding gift card that they can spend on, well, maybe a chisel for next time...

1 x Gift Card of your choice (value specified by you) 1 x Hammer 1 x Safety Goggles 1 x Smash-able Brick (gift card inside) 1 x Presentation Box with inserts 1 x Outer Carton for Shipping