Kiwi Spirit

Kiwi Spirit

Kiwi Spirit

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This gift includes:

2x Cookie Time Rookie Cookie Triple Chocolate Chunk
6x Finns Fudge Sea Salt Caramel Fudge Pieces
1x Lolly Scramble 80g
1x Kiwifruit Nougat 150g
1x Cappuccino Shortbread Box 150g
1x Chocolate Dipped Kiwi
1x Triple Chocolate Cookie Box 140g
1x Romney's Kendal Mint Cake Medium White 85g
2x Whittaker's L&P Slab 50g
1x Black Presentation Gift Box
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$59.00 + GST
Does not contain alcohol
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This product ships in a protective outer carton

You can hear the national anthem, as you open the box. Well, not actually – but maybe when technology catches up with us.

There’s a kakapo in every burrow and a punga on every corner in this idyllic virtual passport. Remember lolly scrambles? Here’s your chance to share the experience with a new New Zealander. Or someone who’s just seen reason and come home.

It’s also a reminder that outside rugby and number eight wire, there are a lot of things we do well. And many of them you can eat. Like the gingerbread kiwi. And The NZ Shorts. (Trust us.)

There’s Whitakers with a hint of L & P and mints that, some say, helped a certain bloke knock off a certain mountain.

Get stuck in.

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