Meet the Team

Family owned and operated, Providore has been the centre piece to New Zealand celebrations for over ten years. The Gifting Team is there for the pinnacle moments in people's lives; there's an impactful, emotionally driven reason behind every gift we send out.

Every encounter we have tells a story, whether it's a one-off gift for a friend, a regular package for a top tier client, or a bulk order to celebrate the end of year.  


Brendon is owner-operator, the dreamer behind the brand and the key to Providore’s ongoing ground-breaking success. A part of the Suckling Family for 7 years, Brendon and his wife Bridget had their eye on the prize when the opportunity arose to take over Providore from his brother. The business has flourished under their impeccable taste, eye for detail and commitment to their clients and team.


Lauren joined the team when Brendon & Bridget took over, appointed to drive the team, sales, and brand story. Be it a one-off bespoke gift, a full-blown loyalty programme or an end of year bulk order, Lauren is there. Often tormenting the team with her mad ideas and campaigns, she takes the term “Gifting out of the box” to another level. Her experience in marketing, client engagement and commercial management has led her through careers in property, events, and Government Agencies. Her love of people, connections and creativity has led to some incredible success stories for The Gifting Team, and some brilliant gift names yet to make their debut.


Forget the PVA, glue takes on a whole new level when it comes to Jessie, the powerhouse behind Providore’s logistics and operations. Jessie is the face to our suppliers, building ongoing relationships to ensure the quality, longevity and genuity of our products. She also ensures the warehouse runs with military precision and we never have a product out of stock. 


Hailing from Southern France, Faustine is a Customer Service success story waiting to be written (que brochure). Her background in the hotel industry, impeccable attention to detail and natural artistic fair sets her well equipped to not only carefully curate your gorgeous gifts in our warehouse, but ensure they need to get where they are going on time. Call the office, you’ll get Faustine. Lost a package? Faustine will find it for you. Need to know the Phonetic Alphabet? Faustine’s got you covered.


The newest member of The Gifting Team, Mia is fresh out of University full of youthful optimism to change the world one gift at a time. Her keen eye, enthusiasm, and unwavering work pace are the key skills behind our social platform and brochures like this (thank you very much). She works with Lauren and Jessie to take their visions for your gifting programmes, custom packaging and our ever-changing range into stunning finished products and print outs that are the finishing touches that really pull all of the hard work together. The rubber’s got to meet the road somewhere!




To some a part time role isn’t something to take seriously, unless you are Izzy and that part time role is with The Gifting Team. Not only is she a budding student engineer (no she isn’t responsible for the design of our boxes or warehouse) and a complete whizz kid with an excel sheet, she’s also there to help with any invoicing queries, taste test any samples, and help our clients navigate their account status, monthly invoices or anything that wraps up the end of the sales process. Nothing is too much of an ask or a task for Izzy, and without her there would be many a T left uncrossed. Charm, she adds a bit of charm!