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  • You’re like the best friend in the world – the kind who would sometimes tell on me to Mum.
  • You pick me up when I’m down. Or trampled on, crumpled, or slightly dented.
  • I forgive you for that time when you, hang on, I have to think about which time…



  • Not everyone would’ve stood by me through my sand-eating phase. Thank you.
  • I never, ever got the “Quiet as a Mouse” award. But you were still proud of me.
  • You sat through school concerts. That says a lot about parental commitment.



  • 1,673 bent nails, a smashed window, and several broken curfews later, we can still laugh together about Australia’s sporting losses.
  • No-one has ever made me feel better about a broken jandal (or heart) than you.
  • I bet you can still race me to the end of the drive. Go!



  • I’m not saying you’d fight for me. But you’d at least make a low, growling sound.
  • I wanted to say that I appreciate it when you let me win. (But it hasn’t happened, yet…)
  • Top bunk. Mine. Next time. Just saying.



  • I admire your very many good traits. (Remember: You got them from me.)
  • From the nice people who brought the world…you.
  • Remember our door/wallet is always open.



  • We always said: It’s what’s inside that counts. (And this is a very nice hamper…)
  • From the very first people you need to thank from the awards podium. No one could be prouder. Not even your aunt. (And you know how she goes on…)
  • A daughter is a gift. And this is a gift! See how we did that?



  • Thank you for always holding me close. Before gratefully handing me back.
  • You’re even more fun than Mum. (That’s strictly between you and me.)
  • I’m grateful that you encouraged me to be the best I can be. But still like me anyway.



  • If I used words like avuncular. I’d use them for you.
  • Thanks for all the carrots. OK, even the occasional stick.
  • I appreciate you not telling the popcorn-up-the-nose story. Except at Christmas. And weddings. And family dinners…



  • I love your work. So much I’d almost take credit for it. Almost.
  • If I could be half the person you are, I would probably be me.
  • I don’t know where I’d be without you at work. Well, you and Google.



  • Once in a while someone comes along who changes everything. (We call him the IT guy.)
  • Where would we be without you? (Wait! That’s a rhetorical question…)
  • Consider this the fulfilment of a pretty amazing star chart.



  • This a standing ovation. Cunningly disguised as a gift.
  • Where would we be without you? (Just a random question our accounts department keeps asking…)
  • We wouldn’t say that you’re our favourite. Because other clients might hear…



  • As a wise, old owl once told me: “Don’t call people ‘old’. Or ‘owls’”.
  • Sometimes advice falls on deaf ears. Your advice always gets sucked right into them, like they’re little, pink vacuum cleaners.
  • Thank you for steadying our canoe before it did an unexpected barrel roll, collected a salmon, and attracted the attention of a passing grizzly black bear.



  • Friend. As comforting as a friand, but without the calories.
  • Life without you would be like a BBQ without tongs.
  • If wishes were horses, I’d make yours a unicorn. With a sparkly mane.
  • I know I can count on you not to stomp on me when I’m at the bottom of a ruck. (Even if there’s no TMO.)



  • Arms. Heart. Now open.
  • To the best in the world. That’s 1 in 7.6 billion. So, I chose pretty well.
  • I would bend over backwards for you. (Pilates starts next week. Promise.)



  • It’s been great. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t get too emotional. But already there’s been a tear or two. And a bit of sniffing cunningly disguised as a sneeze. (OK, the disguise wasn’t that terrific.)
  • We hope it’s not really goodbye. But more of a arreviderci or “see you around”.So anyway, catch up tomorrow?



  • It’s like there’s been a gap in our lives until now. Someone was missing, somehow, somewhere. (There’s a musical in this. Or a virtual reality show.)
  • Our arms are open. And our hearts. Now to mention our wallets. (Wait. A step too far.)
  • We couldn’t be happier that you’re here. Come right in.



  • Please know that our hearts go out to you at this very sad time.
  • We’ll be thinking of you, as you remember. With deepest sympathy.
  • Our thoughts are with your family and friends. If there is anything we can do to lighten the burden; we are here.
  • Wishing you healing and peace.
  • Our hearts go out to you at this time of sorrow now, and over the weeks and months as you remember an amazing life.
  • With you in your grief. Please accept our condolences.
  • My sincere condolences. Wishing you peace and strength at this sad and challenging time.
  • Caring thoughts are with you, your family, and friends.
  • So sorry to hear your very sad news. We're sure they will be forever in your hearts, and in your memories.
  • Our sincere sympathy. May care, and love, and hope surround you at this very sad time.
  • Our thoughts are with you and your extended family.
  • Love is everything. And at this very sad time it's even more important. You're in our hearts and thoughts. Always.
  • Sincere condolences at this very sad time, We hope that the thoughts and love of those around you will bring enduring comfort and peace. You are in our prayers.

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