Midday-Midnight Feast

Midday-Midnight Feast

Midday-Midnight Feast

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This gift includes:

1x Tunnock's Caramel Wafers 4 Pack
1x Korpiko Cappucino Shortbread 75g
1x Rosenborg Brie 125g
1x Fig, Walnut & Olive Oil Crackers 100g
1x Mrs Bridges Fruit Marbles 155g
1x Lolly Scramble 80g
1x Caramel Popcorn 50g
1x Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans 100g
1x Passionfruit Shortbread Box 150g
1x Viberi White Chocolate Coated Black Currents 90g
1x Whittaker's L&P Slab 50g
1x Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Slab 50g
1x Finns Fudge Choc Coated Russian 125g
1x Chocolate Almonds 85g
1x Bennetto Chocolate Coffee Bean 32g
1x Bennetto Drinking Chocolate 250g
5x Pipers Crisps Assorted Flavours 40g
1x Yellow Gift Box with Black Bow
1x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$182.85 (Inc. GST)
$159.00 (Ex. GST)
Does not contain alcohol
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A welcome burst of energy for around the board table, or a secret banquet that any self-respecting matron, or nanny, in the whole world would, in all probability, have frowned upon.

All the more reason to press ahead. Fruit marbles – check. Fudge – check. Crisps – check. Lolly Scramble – check. This is a spectacularly, sugar-filled box of happiness that will make everyone enjoying it feel very spoilt indeed.

It’s truly “Seven (or more) Go Mad in the Antipodes” kind of stuff. And we see no good reason to hold back. But, forget cress sandwiches, sticks of celery, and – dare we say It, kale - this one of those exuberant gifts that is perfect for any occasions. And if there isn’t one – just make it up; you have that power.

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