Network Impress

Network Impress

Network Impress

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This gift includes:

15x Carousel Eclairs
6x Finns Fudge Russian Fudge Pieces Loose
1x Gift Box
1x Black Ribbon or Decorative Sleeve
1x Protective Package for Shipping
$11.49 (Inc. GST)
$9.99 (Ex. GST)
Does not contain alcohol
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You can almost hear the crackle of snow beneath the laden sled. And the soft tinkle of bells. A bearded Russian father-of-commerce is making his fur-wrapped way across frozen wastes in search of business partners. Every handshake to be followed with a hearty glove-clad smack on the back, and a box of Russian Fudge with his business card.

We stand by the story. But, as so often happens in business, there’s a twist. Russian Fudge is a New Zealand thing.

Let’s put it all down to a global trade outlook. And to somewhat delayed glasnost. (Remember the 80s? Never mind.)

Anyway, Russian Fudge and business cards go together like dairy and exports.

It’s the business introduction that doesn’t taste anything like a bit of cardboard.

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