Taking the grrrrrr out of custom corporate gifting

Taking the grrrrrr out of custom corporate gifting

Posted by Jason on 16th Aug 2018

You know how it is when you’ve got a big catch in your cooler and there’s a grizzly bear on the prowl. (OK, maybe a picnic and a couple of keas about.) Either way, Providore is constantly looking … read more

One Word To Explain Why Gift Boxes & Hampers Are Great Gifts

Posted by Jason Suckling on 16th Nov 2017

What's so good about giving a gift box or gift hamper?Here's the answer in one word:Mystery.So why is mystery important? Compare it to a raw bottle of wine or box of beer.1. People that see a gift box … read more

Latest News: New Executive Gift Brands, Taglines & Websites

Posted by Providore Gifts on 1st Nov 2017

October 2017: Providore launches the new brand, tagline (providing delight, love and fun), and a new website to go with it. Woohoo!August 2016: Consumer New Zealand blows the whistle on gift cards. Be … read more

How To Write A New Year Message To Your Staff

Posted by Providore Gifts on 9th Jan 2017

At the start of the year you have the opportunity to set staff motivation on the right path for the next 12 months. What will you do about this? This video will show yo … read more

How To Write An End Of Year Customer Thank You Message

Posted by Providore Gifts on 19th Oct 2016

At the end of the year you will make an impact on your customers. Either because you said thank you, or because you didn’t. The right message can make a big difference to … read more

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