Bespoke Gifting

Bespoke Gifting

Posted by Lauren Thiele - Sales & Marketing Manager on 12th Jun 2020

say "hello" to new ideas...

Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, marketing experts are impressing on us the new expectations from customers, clients and staff. This week we are focusing on how impactful a strategic approach to customer engagement can be across your entire business.

Reading through The Press last week highlighted the way businesses across NZ are talking about leveraging their databases, looking internally to generate new business opposed to spending big on external sales campaigns. (article link here)

The conversations with our own clients are reflecting this commentary, with the focus being on rewarding team efforts and creating memorable touch points within their database. Recent campaigns have shown that a small spend per head can have a huge impact across a large group of brand aware customers.
Prior to lock down a large portion of work we did with our Corporate clients was focused on "one-off" gifting, creating a memorable moment around key stages in the sales journey.
We are seeing now, that this approach isn't the best strategy when looking to re establish your presence after lock down.
Instead, we find ourselves creating long term engagement strategies, looking to loyalty and gifting programmes that will deliver continuous value into our clients databases, allowing them to say thank you and build their brand in a meaningful, memorable and sustainable way.

So where do you find your business in this current climate? Click here to book in a free 30 minute consultation that will give you the tools to develop a new strategic plan for your customer engagement. 

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