It is very unlikely you will encounter the need for a return, as we have internal systems to ensure quality every time. And we use internationally recognised couriers to deliver your parcel, with full tracking details.

However if you do need to return a gift, please:

1. Get together the information regarding the return (i.e. information from delivery label, or from the invoice if you are the sender)

2. Contact our team on 0800 84 84 82, or by email if there is an issue. We'll sort it out for you, quickly.

3. We accept returns if the goods are:

  • spoiled beyond use,
  • damaged by the courier, or
  • arrive late (excluding situations where the courier could not deliver due to incorrect address information or was unable to obtain a signature).

Normally if there is a return, it is due to an incorrect address. So, please ensure you check the recipients address prior to ordering. You can also verify the address by entering it here.