The Podium Premium

The Podium Premium

The Podium Premium

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This gift includes:

1 x Glenfiddich 12YO 700mL
1 x Awatere River Pinot Noir 750mL
2 x RCR Melodia DOF Tumbler 310ml (with inserts)
1 x Devonport 12 Piece Chocolate Assortment
1 x Pearlescent Dark Chocolate Pebbles 150g
1 x Danish Brie 125gm
1 x Lavosh Bites 60g
1 x Providence Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 250ml
1 x Providence Apricot Confit 130g
1 x Telegraph Hill Burnt Orange & Fennel Olives 125g
5 x Lindt Hazelnut Truffles
5 x Lindt White Chocolate Truffles
1 x Black Leather 'Crocodile' Presentation Tray
1 x Gold Double Bow Design
1 x Protective Outer Carton for Shipping
$349.00 + GST
Does not contain alcohol
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This product ships in a protective outer carton

“Clink!” That could be two glasses of the very fine Awatere River Pinot Noir joining in celebration. Or, it could be the ice being thoughtfully swirled in a glass of Scotch Whisky.

If the drinks didn’t set the tone, the beautiful tray, and matching tasters, would.

While kilts are optional, (no wait – that’s better expressed by saying conventional dress is fine), this is obviously destined for someone who leads and whose word is a command. If it’s not the clan who follow them, it could well be the accounts department.

Either way, they do it well.

So, a toast to them:


So catch the moments as they fly,
And use them as ye ought, man.
Believe me, happiness is shy,
And comes not aye when sought, man.

Robbie Burns

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